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January 01, 2006 - January 01, 2006

Program for: All

Purpose: The objective of the Compass program is to assist arts organizations with organizational development projects, and to assist arts managers with professional development projects, to help build administrative and management capacity in the arts.

Eligibility: Please refer to the Program Guidelines for the OAC’s residency requirements and definitions of professional arts managers and organizations.

In addition, in order to apply to the Compass program you must be:

  • An Ontario-based professional arts manager


  • an arts organization specifically engaged in not-for-profit professional arts activity in Ontario and be eligible to apply to OAC granting programs; or
  • a book or magazine publisher eligible to apply to OAC’s literature programs; or
  • a non-arts organization which presents the arts as a part of a larger engagement with its community that would be eligible to apply to OAC granting programs; or
  • a collaborative – a group of two or more organizations working together on a joint initiative.

The OAC does not recommend specialists or mentors to applicants to the Compass program. However, there are a number of resources that you can use to find an appropriate specialist. 

  • If your organization is a member of an arts service organization, the staff, board or other members of the ASO may know which specialists have been working with organizations like yours.
  • Talk to other organizations in your community. They may very well have had good experiences with specialists that know your region or city.
  • Arts Consultants Canada/Consultants Canadiens en arts has members that have met professional membership criteria, and agreed to a Code of Professional Conduct. Their website is:

Deadline Dates: March 1, July 5 and November 1, 2016
Applicants will be notified of results 3 months after the application deadline.

Program Guidelines and Application Form

Final Report Form

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For Results Announcements for this program, please click here.