"Those of us who love the arts, as I do, have a commitment to secure the future of our arts organizations and artists. The building of endowments is an excellent way of doing this."
– Dr. Murray Frum, Past Chair

Paul de Hueck and Norman Walford Career Achievement Awards

Norman Walford, former Executive Director of the Ontario Arts Council, and the late Paul de Hueck, former CBC television production manager established the The Paul de Hueck and Norman Walford Fund. These biennial awards recognize the achievement of outstanding Canadian artists in keyboard artistry, singing and art photography.  The Ontario Arts Council manages the selection process.

Past Recipients
1998     Robert Silverman (Keyboard artistry)
2000     Jeff Wall (Art photography)
2003     Judith Forst (Singing)
2005     Raymonde April (Art photography)
2007     Lorraine Desmarais and Janina Fialkowska (Keyboard artistry) 
2011     Larry Towell (Art photography)