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Theatre Projects

Results Announcement
Deadline Date: February 1, 2008

Anderson, Carol, Toronto
Daniels, Kelly, St. Catharines
Dixon, Beau, Peterborough
Spencer, Rhoma, Toronto
Wong, Gein, Toronto

Number of Applications: 97
Total Requested: $947,423
Number of Grants Awarded: 39
Total Recommended: $235,000

Actors Theatre of Windsor, Windsor, $10,000
Alameda Theatre Company, Toronto, $14,000
Albanese, Eleanor, Thunder Bay, $4,000
Arbez Drama Projects, Toronto, $3,000
The Ark Collective, Thornhill, $8,000
Atkins, Damien, Toronto, $3,500
The Company Theatre, Toronto, $6,000
Convergence Theatre, Toronto, $7,000
Cow Over Moon Children's Theatre, Toronto, $6,500
The Essential Collective Theatre, Fonthill, $4,000
Kick Theatre, Toronto, $9,000
Kyte, Lindsay, Toronto, $3,000
November Theatre Collective, Maynooth, $4,000
The Ottawa Stilt Union, Ottawa, $3,500
Paprika Theatre Festival, Toronto, $8,500
Pardy, Lorne, Winchester, $3,500
Preface Theatre, Toronto, $5,000
Project: Humanity, Toronto, $7,500
Pulse Theatre Collective, Ottawa, $9,000
Shadowland Theatre Inc., Toronto, $6,000
Shain, Alan, Ottawa, $3,000
Shrimp Magnet Theatre Company, Toronto, $9,000
Skazmos Theatre, Toronto, $5,500
St. Bernard, Donna-Michelle, Toronto, $3,500
Story, Kate, Peterborough, $4,500
Suck and Blow Collective, Toronto, $10,000
Sulong Theatre Collective, Toronto, $3,000
Tannahill, Jordan, Ottawa, $7,000
Tetrault, Pierre, Toronto, $9,000
Theatre Rusticle, Toronto, $3,500
Theatre Theatrical, Toronto, $7,500
The Thistle Project, Toronto, $5,500
Threshold Theater Group, Toronto, $6,000
The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival Group, Toronto, $7,000
Tso, Diana, Toronto, $5,500
Union Eight Theatre, Owen Sound, $4,000
The Window Collective, Toronto, $3,000
Woolfe, Eric, Toronto, $5,500
The Year of the Flood Project Collective, Toronto, $8,000