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Arts Education

Arts education can expand creativity, teach diversity, build community and preserve cultural traditions. The arts can enhance learners’ abilities and enrich their understanding of the world. The OAC supports arts education activities for all ages in schools and in communities. Our programs create artistic, participatory and meaningful opportunities for learners.

In fulfilling its mandate, the OAC serves one of the most diverse cultural, racial, linguistic and Aboriginal populations in Canada. Through its programs and services, the OAC supports artists, organizations and communities across Ontario, and welcomes all forms of artistic expression and practice.

  • Artists in Education supports artists from all disciplines and cultures who want to create a hands-on arts education project for learners, including artists who wish to develop skills and gain experience in communities or schools. The Projects in Schools category supports work with JK to grade 12 students in schools registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education. The classroom can be in a private school, a school authority, an education authority, or a First Nations school (including those that receive federal funding). Successful applicants to Projects in Schools are listed on a roster for one year; teachers use the roster to connect with artists directly to plan the implementation of a hands-on arts education project. Click here for the Artists in Education List of Recipients.
  • Aboriginal Artists in Schools, part of the Artists in Education program, supports Aboriginal artists (including Elders and traditional artists) to create hands-on arts projects for learners. Projects can include cultural learning and can use more than one artistic discipline. Click here for the Aboriginal Artists in Schools List of Recipients.
  • Arts Education Projects funds individual artists, artist collectives and organizations who create and deliver arts education projects in school or community settings. These projects can include any discipline for any age of learner. Examples: performances or arts presentations for young audiences; arts education workshops; arts education conferences or forums; new work aimed at young people; developing teacher guides. Use your imagination!
  • Arts Education Organizations provides operating support for multidisciplinary arts education organizations that develop and deliver multidisciplinary activities focused on one or more of the following goals:
    • to engage professional artists to create new work for young audiences
    • to present age-appropriate arts programs or experiences for young audiences 
    • to implement creative workshops for learners of any age
You are not limited to the programs listed above. Click here to find out about other programs available to you.

Arts Education Collaborations

OAC has built connections with community organizations to create arts education opportunities for artists and arts organizations. Click here to learn more.

For more information

  • Nasreen Khan, Arts Education Officer and Artists in Residence (Education) Administrator, 416-969-7428, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7428,
  • Christina Akrong, Associate Arts Education Officer, 647-258-5075, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 5075,
  • Terry Gitersos, Program Administrator, 416-969-7401, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7401,

Other Programs Available to You

  • Aboriginal Arts programs are designed specifically for Aboriginal artists, groups and arts organizations.
  • The Northern Arts program is designed for artists, groups and arts organizations in Northern Ontario. PDF FileSee OAC’s maps of geographic regions.
  • Organizational Development helps organizations build capacity through programs such as Compass.
  • There are programs that help individuals undertake residencies in Canada, and around the world.
  • Skills and Careers includes programs that support artists and arts professionals who want training or professional and career development.
  • Touring programs help artists, groups, arts organizations and performers interested in touring throughout Ontario, in Canada and around the world.