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Arts Service Organizations

The Arts Service Organizations (ASO) program provides operating and project support to provincial or national membership-based organizations that serve Ontario’s various arts sectors. This English-language program is intended to deliver services and programs that advance the development of arts professionals and arts organizations in Ontario.

In fulfilling its mandate, the OAC serves one of the most diverse cultural, racial, linguistic and Aboriginal populations in Canada. Through its programs and services, the OAC supports artists, organizations and communities across Ontario, and welcomes all forms of artistic expression and practice.

  • Arts Service Organizations grants are available to not-for-profit organizations incorporated or registered in Ontario, with an Ontario-wide or national mandate and a paid membership, and with at least two years of ongoing programming.
  • Arts Service Projects grants are available to new collectives and to organizations just beginning to provide service; there are also grants to establish a network of artists or arts organizations.

For more information   

  • Maura Broadhurst, Cross-Sectoral Associate Officer, 416-646-7467, toll-free 1-800-387-0058 extension 7467,
  • Nina Charest, Program Administrator, 416-969-7417, toll free 1-800-387-0058 extension 7417,

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