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Francophone Arts

The arts are a critical link between language and identity. OAC has programs designed to assist the creation, production, promotion and presentation of art created in French. Our Francophone population is the second largest in North America!

In fulfilling its mandate, the OAC serves one of the most diverse cultural, racial, linguistic and Aboriginal populations in Canada. Through its programs and services, the OAC supports artists, organizations and communities across Ontario, and welcomes all forms of artistic expression and practice.

Only French-language applications will be accepted for the following programs. Please note that Francophone artists can also apply (in French or English) to OAC programs outside Francophone Arts.

  • Aide à la diffusion artistique supports professional, not-for-profit arts organizations that present Francophone arts and artists to the public.
  • Aide à la diffusion artistique – projets offers project grants to not-for-profit professional arts organizations established in Ontario to help them to present works and artists and artistic services, in order to promote the vitality of the Francophone arts scene. 
  • Artistes visuels et des métiers d'art supports Francophone visual and craft  artists to create new work or to continue a work or project in progress.
  • Arts visuels, arts médiatiques et métiers d’art : organismes et centres d'artistes autogérés offers operating grants to organizations and artist-run centres and supports not for profit visual, media and craft organizations and artist-run centres, collectives, artist groups, commissioners/programmers to undertake visual and media arts, and craft projects.
  • Avance médias supports Francophone artists to pursue the development and production of new French-language works in film and video (documentary, drama, comedy, animation, experimental),  audio/sound art, digital and new media (and any fusion thereof), and video and electronic games.
  • Chanson et musique supports Francophone lyricists, composers and singer-songwriters in creating, recording and producing new work.
  • Création littéraire offers project grants to professional writers of literary works such as poetry, fiction, young adult, literary criticism, commentary on the arts, non-fiction (history, biography, political or social issues, science or travel) and graphic literature.
  • Édition is an operating program that funds French-language, Ontario-based, book and periodical publishers.
  • Jets de théâtre provides project funding to individuals, collectives and organizations for the development, exploration, creation and production of French-language theatre in Ontario.
  • Organismes francophones de service aux arts awards operating funding to not-for-profit, membership-based arts service organizations whose programs and services support their members’ professional or organizational development and promote awareness of Francophone arts in Ontario. Applicants must have achieved at least two years of regular programming.    
  • Projets de service aux arts francophones supports new collectives and to organizations just beginning to provide service; there are also grants to establish a network of artists or arts organizations.
  • Théâtre is an operating grant program that funds not-for-profit organizations that produce and present French-language theatre to the public. Applicants must have achieved at least two years of regular programming.

For more information   

  • Clelia Farrugia, Francophone Arts Officer, 416-969-7427, toll-free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7427,
  • Geneviève Trilling, Associate Francophone Arts Officer, 416-969-7400, toll-free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7400,
  • Nina Charest, Program Administrator, 416-969-7417, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7417,

You are not limited to the programs listed above.

Other Programs Available to You

  • Aboriginal Arts programs are designed specifically for Aboriginal artists, groups and arts organizations.
  • Arts Education and Community and Multidisciplinary Arts programs support artists, groups and arts organizations working collaboratively in schools and community settings.
  • The Northern Arts program is designed for artists, groups and arts organizations in Northern Ontario. See PDF FileOAC’s maps of geographic regions.
  • Organizational Development helps organizations build capacity through programs such as Compass.
  • There are programs that help individuals undertake residencies in Canada, and around the world.
  • Skills and Careers includes programs that support artists and arts professionals who want training or professional and career development.
  • Touring programs help artists, groups, arts organizations and performers interested in touring throughout Ontario, in Canada and around the world.
  • Word of Mouth provides support to Ontario-based professional literary and storytelling artists and ad hoc groups that create, record and tour dub, sound or performance poetry, storytelling or other oral literature forms.