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OAC’s Residency programs were developed to promote professional development and the exchange of artistic views across geographical boundaries. The goal of these programs is to foster ties between artists and communities in Ontario, Canada and across the world.

In fulfilling its mandate, the OAC serves one of the most diverse cultural, racial, linguistic and Aboriginal populations in Canada. Through its programs and services, the OAC supports artists, organizations and communities across Ontario, and welcomes all forms of artistic expression and practice.

  • The National and International Residency program supports artists through periods of research, exploration, regeneration and rejuvenation and provides access to new cultural surroundings outside Ontario for one to three months. Projects may include a work plan with an experienced mentor. Grants cover travel, accommodation and living expenses, personal insurance, but not the costs of purchasing, transporting and insuring other persons or materials required to carry out the project.

Note: The Ontario-Québec Artist Residencies program no longer exists as a separate program. Applications for residencies in Quebec should be made to the National and International Residency program.

  • The Playwright Residency program supports residencies for professional playwrights at professional Ontario theatre companies. The primary objective of the program is to give playwrights the opportunity to take advantage of the environment of the theatre as they create new work. A second objective can be to provide an opportunity for playwrights to become familiar with technical, dramaturgical and other aspects of theatre production. Activities that aim to achieve this are entirely optional and are developed jointly by the playwright and the theatre. 

For more information

National and International Residency

  • Noora Sagarwala, Touring and Audience Development Officer, 416-646-7466, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7466,   
  • Lizzy Braoudakis, Program Administrator, 416-969-7412, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7412, 

Playwright Residency

  • Pat Bradley, Theatre Officer, 416-969-7433, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7433,
  • Lucy Gouveia, Program Administrator, 416-969-7432, toll free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 extension 7432,

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