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Performance Measures

At the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), we track and report on our activities on many fronts. Every year we prepare statistics on the size, distribution and reach of our grants to Ontario artists and arts organizations. In addition, we are committed to tracking our ongoing progress on the specific strategies and themes laid out in our 2008-2013 strategic plan, Connections and Creativity.

In 2010, we identified measures to help us better understand and assess our overall performance as an organization. We developed performance measures for OAC that would be relevant for several years. We chose OAC’s vision statements from our strategic plan as the framework for the performance measures. These statements capture OAC’s broad, high-level desired outcomes. They also provide us with answers to “why” we are doing what we do. These performance measures work hand in hand with the tracking of our progress on the specific strategies and themes outlined in the strategic plan – the “what.”

What we confirmed in the process of developing our performance measures is that many of our key activities – such as the funding of individual artists and the provision of ongoing operating support – are fundamental expressions of OAC’s commitment to and support of our vision for Ontario. Our vision statements are more than compelling words – they are our real goals and expressions of OAC’s mission. The performance measures outlined in the document are our guide to achieving our goals.

This is our fourth report on OAC performance measures.  

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