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Northern Arts

Results Announcement
Deadline Date: July 4, 2011

Cote, Julian, Naughton
Friesen, Holly, Kenora
Harju, Erik, Worthington
Jones, Amy, Thunder Bay
Neron, Daniel, Moonbeam (French jury)
Northway, Lora, Thunder Bay
Paquette, Stéphane, Hanmer (French jury)
Syrette, Teddy, Sault Ste. Marie

Number of Applications: 55
Total Requested: $606,294
Number of Grants Awarded: 25
Total Recommended: $220,990

 Anemki Art Collective, Thunder Bay, $13,000
Bennett, Neal, Haileybury, $7,500
BRAVO-nord, Hearst, $7,700
Brood Records Collective, North Bay, $4,000
Butler, Jon, Whitefish Falls, $7,600
Derosier, Michelle, Thunder Bay, $5,000 (co-applicant); Stevens, James, Thunder Bay, $5,000 (co-applicant)
Film Event Society of Temiskaming, New Liskeard, $2,490
Heiti, Matthew, Sudbury, $8,900
Hovorka, Shy-Anne, Nipigon, $15,000
Jensen, Curtis, Thunder Bay, $6,000
Kosloski, Chris, Thunder Bay, $6,000
Linklater, Duane, North Bay, $8,000
Loplops Collective, Sault Ste. Marie, $10,000
Lukin-Linklater, Tanya, North Bay, $8,500
Mayhew, Sara, Kirkland Lake, $10,000
Music and Film in Motion / Musique et film en mouvement, Sudbury, $9,000
Pierre Schryer Band, Thunder Bay, $8,800
Rice, Harmony, Kenora, $15,000
Rogers, Nico, Haileybury, $9,000
Schmitt, Jena, Sault Ste. Marie, $8,000
Sioux Lookout Literacy Festival, Sioux Lookout, $5,000
Sponchia, Ange, Atikokan, $8,500
Spotlight North Collective, Lively, $13,000
Theatre Cambrian, Sudbury, $10,000
Weller, Duncan, Thunder Bay, $10,000