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Equity and Diversity

The Ontario Arts Council embarks on equity planning process

Following the internal equity audit undertaken by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) in 2011, we have begun developing an OAC Equity Plan, which will provide us with a blueprint for implementing equity goals over the next three years. In December 2011, OAC’s board approved the following vision statement, which will underpin the plan as it is developed.

OAC Equity Vision
We are inspired by and value Ontario’s artists, who help shape our thriving and diverse society and express the richness of our stories, histories and cultures. Therefore, as a public agency, funder and employer, OAC will lead and be responsive and inclusive in supporting diverse artists, artistic practices, arts communities and our own organization.

Read OAC's Draft Equity Implementation PlanPDF File

Ontario’s Arts Community Validates OAC’s Draft Equity Plan