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Services to the Arts Community

The Ontario Arts Council offers a number of services for the arts community, including the following:

Advice and Consultation
Officers and other staff at the Ontario Arts Council are available to advise artists and arts organizations on issues pertaining to their project(s) or organization, including administration or fiscal management. Consult the OAC staff directory to determine the appropriate person to contact.

Arts Awareness 
OAC plays a key role in promoting Ontario artists and raising the profile of the arts in communities across the province. Working in partnership with arts organizations throughout Ontario, OAC helps make the case that the arts are valued by Ontarians and make a positive contribution to the provincial economy. Call OAC for more information.

Information Sessions for Artists
OAC hosts information sessions in communities across the province, designed to provide artists with basic information about OAC, how to apply for grants, and where to go for useful information, services and resources. For more information about these sessions, or to find out or arrange one in your community, contact OAC at