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Creative Engagement Fund

The Creative Engagement Fund to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment in Ontario was established as part of Ontario government’s It’s Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment. The Creative Engagement Fund is administered by the Ontario Arts Council on behalf of the Ontario Women’s Directorate.

The Creative Engagement Fund is founded on the notion of the arts as catalysts for communities to take action around social issues. This idea has been applied frequently in jurisdictions around the world to help confront forms of societal oppression such as gender violence, racism, poverty and homophobia. Art shapes people’s perspectives and opinions. When applied to social justice, artists’ works offer a critical perspective that inform, provoke, and hold a mirror to society. Engaging with this kind of art can help equip the public with tools to understand and challenge social injustices, and to imagine a better future.

  • The Creative Engagement Fund to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment in Ontario program provides short-term and long-term funding to ad-hoc arts groups/collectives and arts organizations or not-for-profit community organizations working with professional artists in any art form or artistic practice, to develop and deliver arts projects that deal effectively with issues of sexual violence and harassment, such as consent, rape culture and gender equality, and share them with Ontario communities.

Note: The second (final) call for applications for the Creative Engagement Fund is by invitation. Applicants whose Dec.15, 2015 submissions scored highly but were not funded will be contacted by Nov.1, 2016 and invited to re-apply. If you have questions about this application process, please contact the Ontario Arts Council.


For more information on where to find sexual violence expertise in your community, you may consider contacting:

Sexual violence – front-line services

Aboriginal organizations

Other organizations that support work to end sexual violence and harassment

For the list of francophone organizations, you may refer here.

For more information

  • Loree Lawrence, Multi and Inter-Arts, Community-Engaged Arts and Community Arts Councils Program Officer, 416-969-7425, toll-free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 ext. 7425,
  • For applicants in the North: Marilyn McIntosh, Northwestern Consultant, 1-866-391-2221,
  • Also available for inquiries: Maya Bedward, Program Administrator, toll-free in Ontario 1-800-387-0058 ext. 5081,