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Ontario Arts Council


Bushra Junaid

Program Officer
Toll-free in Ontario: ​​​​​1-800-387-0058 ext. 7407

Lisa Wöhrle

Associate Officer
Toll-free in Ontario: ​​1-800-387-0058 ext. 7419

Habibah Haque

Program Administrator
416-961-1660 ext. 5081
Toll-free in Ontario: ​​​​​1-800-387-0058 ext. 5081

Final Report Forms

Final report forms are available upon request. Email your request to finalreport@arts.on.ca indicating the program for which you are submitting a report.

Deaf and Disability Arts: Materials for Visual Artists


The program supports Ontario-based professional Deaf artists and artists with disabilities working in visual art or craft practices to purchase materials.

Deadline Dates

October 5, 2017, 1 p.m. ET
  • Applications are available online approximately two months before the deadline.
  • Grant notification will be available approximately three months after the deadline.

Grant amount(s)

  • Deaf and Disability Arts Projects: Materials for Visual Artists: maximum $500

Recent changes

  • The program was formerly called Deaf and Disability Arts – Materials and Supplies Assistance
  • The deadline has changed.

Eligible applicants

  • Deaf artists or artists with disabilities, working in visual arts or craft practices including basketry, beading, carving, digital media, drawing, glass, jewelry, leather work, metal work, mixed media, installation, painting, photography, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, textile/fibre art, traditional/customary Indigenous arts, woodworking

Ineligible applicants

  • Full-time students (i.e. taking more than two courses)

More about eligibility for OAC’s project programs

This program funds

  • materials and supplies including: beads, brushes, canvas, clay, fabric, inks, metals, paint, paper, pencils, pens, photographic printing, stone, thread, wood, software, other art materials
  • small tools (e.g. carving tools, scissors, accessibility tools)
  • shipping and delivery costs

This program does not fund

  • large equipment purchases (e.g., table saw, computers)
  • studio set-up or renovations
  • materials and supplies for student projects in all education levels
  • business and promotional expenses (websites, business cards)
  • cost of producing a commercial production line(i.e., to have your designs manufactured by someone else)
  • materials and supplies for workshop activities

Activity timing

The activities for which you are requesting funding:

  • cannot start before you are notified of the results of the application.
  • must be completed no more than two years after you receive the grant results.


  • You cannot apply if you have not yet completed and reported on a previous grant in this program.
  • You cannot apply to this program if you have an overdue final report in any OAC grant program.

Final report requirements

If you receive a grant you must submit a final report upon completion of the project. See Terms and Conditions for Project Programs for more information on reporting obligations. A final report form will be available in Nova. Final reports for this program require grant recipients to provide:
  • Description of the project undertaken and its outcomes, including details on any minor or approved changes to what had been outlined in the application.
  • Documentation and/or an explanation of how you acknowledged or will acknowledge OAC support for your project. This should include samples of OAC logo recognition on any promotional or other materials produced in conjunction with the project, such as publications, brochures, posters, invitations, websites, or videos/films. This could also include a description of verbal acknowledgement at public events or the intention to include OAC acknowledgement in associated future activities/materials.

To apply

Program-specific definitions

Deaf artists or artists with disabilities: includes individuals who have physical, mental or learning conditions with long-term, temporary or varying effects that may or may not be apparent.