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Loree Lawrence

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Final Report Forms

All final reports are completed and submitted in Nova, OAC’s online granting system. This now includes grants received through a paper application process. For instructions on how to log into Nova, see the Nova User Guide. You will find the report form in your Nova profile, under Action Items. For enquiries regarding reporting requirements, contact us at finalreport@arts.on.ca.

Engaging Seniors: Strategies for Arts Organizations


The program supports Ontario-based, professional, not-for-profit arts organizations to research, develop, test and refine strategies to better engage the seniors in their communities, not only as audience members, but as volunteers, ambassadors, trustees and active participants.


Important: This program information may be further updated. Be sure to review it before completing an application in Nova.


The program’s priorities are to support projects that:

  • seek to provide seniors with a sense of confidence, well-being, social connection and engagement
  • seek to meet the needs and desires of seniors’ communities for arts participation
  • reduce or eliminate barriers to arts participation for Ontario seniors
  • increase access to the arts for underserved or marginalized communities
  • involve collective efforts or partnerships with other arts and/or community groups and/or organizations

Deadline Dates

November 1, 2018, 1 p.m. ET
  • Applications are available in Nova approximately two months before the deadline.
  • Grant notification will be available approximately four months after the deadline.

Grant amount(s)

  • Strategies for Arts Organizations: Minimum $10,000, maximum $150,000


  • Grants of $75,000 or more will be paid in two instalments; the second instalment will be released upon approval of an interim report.
  • Due to the number of applications we receive and the limited funds available, grants awarded may be smaller than the amount requested.

Eligible applicants

  • Ontario-based professional not-for-profit arts organizations, including all organizations that receive OAC operating grants


Note: Collaborations between two or more Ontario-based, not-for-profit arts organizations are eligible. Select one organization to apply; if successful, this organization will receive the grant on behalf of the group. Collaborating organizations must have a Memorandum of Understanding at the time of application.


Read the Guide to OAC Project Programs for more eligibility information.

Ineligible applicants

  • art schools

This program funds

  • specialist fees, including consultants, translators, etc.
  • additional or supplementary staff costs for work directly related to the project
  • arts programming costs (e.g. artists’ fees, materials, etc.) for purposes of testing and refinement of strategies only
  • honoraria for participants who are required to commit a substantial amount of time toward the project
  • outreach, meeting and travel expenses
  • expenses related to project evaluation (up to 10 per cent of total budget)


Note: Applicants may apply for up to 100 per cent of the project costs, but are encouraged to seek revenue from a variety of sources where possible.

This program does not fund

  • events or activities that take place outside of Ontario
  • capital expenses, including major equipment purchases
  • ongoing operational costs
  • expenses related to internal organizational or operational changes (i.e. adding a seniors’ representative to the Board, changing hours of operation)
  • faculty or student projects associated with research, coursework or studies
  • arts programming beyond testing and refinement; see Engaging Seniors: Arts Initiatives

Activity timing

  • The activity for which you are requesting funding:
    • cannot start before the deadline
    • cannot finish before you receive your grant results
  • Projects must be completed no later than 36 months after notification of grant results.


Final report requirements

If you receive a grant you must submit a final report. You are also required to submit an interim report before the release of a second grant installment, and you may be required to submit an interim report if your project is longer than 24 months.  See Terms and conditions – receipt of OAC project grant funds for more information on reporting obligations. Report forms will be available in Nova.


Interim and/or final reports for this program require grant recipients to provide:

  • description of the project undertaken, including details on any minor or approved changes to what had been outlined in the application
  • interim and/or final project evaluation
  • interim and/or final budget
  • documentation of the project

To apply

Complete and submit an application in Nova, OAC’s online grant application system. You will be able to do this approximately two months before the deadline.


Before applying, you must:

  • create or update your profile in Nova


You are encouraged to contact the Program Officer to discuss eligibility before applying.


Your application includes:

  • basic information about the project
  • your answers to application questions
  • project budget
  • support documents:
    • project evaluation plan
    • résumés
    • letters of support and/or confirmation
    • memorandum of understanding (for collaborations only)


Complete instructions and requirements are in the application in Nova.


For help creating a profile or submitting an application in Nova, see the Nova User Guide.

Program-specific definitions

Seniors: for the purposes of this program, individuals who are 65 years and older


Memorandum of understanding (MOU): formal agreement between two or more organizations outlining the terms and responsibilities of a partnership. MOUs are not legally binding but they carry a degree of seriousness and mutual respect.