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Ontario Arts Council


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Program Officer
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Northwestern Representative
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Philippe Mesly

Program Administrator
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Final Report Forms

Final report forms are available upon request. Email your request to finalreport@arts.on.ca indicating the program for which you are submitting a report.

Northern Arts Projects

The OAC recognizes and values the distinctive nature of the arts produced in Ontario’s Northern regions. We believe that the arts are essential to the quality of life, cultural identity, social well-being and economic prosperity of Ontario. We recognize the specific challenges and costs to creating, presenting and accessing the arts in the North. Applicants who live and work in the North are encouraged to apply to any program in which their activities are eligible. In addition, OAC has a program that specifically meets the needs of northern artists.

You are eligible to apply to Northern Arts Projects if you live in northern Ontario, or your ad hoc group/collective or organization is based in the North.



The program supports the creation, production and presentation of art work; professional development; and community arts engagement initiatives that benefit communities in northern Ontario. There are four categories:

  • New Works: to help cover the costs of creation and production of new works in all artistic disciplines.
  • Presentation: to help cover the costs of presenting artistic work.
  • Skills/Career Development: for artists to undertake skills and career development projects and for groups presenting projects that will benefit northern Ontario artists.
  • Working with Community: to help cover the costs of community-engaged arts projects.


The program’s priorities are to:

  • foster the development and growth of the arts in Northern Ontario;
  • recognize and value the distinctive nature of the arts produced in Ontario’s northern regions;
  • support Northern Ontario artists at any stage in their professional careers, recognizing that creating, producing and promoting their work is essential to the artistic diversity and regional representation of Ontario;
  • support the arts and arts service organizations in northern Ontario to build capacity and infrastructure;
  • provide northern audiences with access to arts experiences;
  • support projects that are inclusive and accessible to audiences, participants, and community members.

Deadline Dates

May 2 and November 16, 2017, 1 p.m. ET
  • Applications are available online approximately two months before the deadline.
  • Grant notification will be available approximately four months after each deadline.

Grant amount(s)

  • New Works: maximum $15,000
  • Presentation: maximum $15,000
  • Skills/Career Development: maximum $15,000
  • Working with Community: maximum $15,000

Important: Due to the number of applications received and the limited funds available, grants awarded may be smaller than the amount requested.

Recent changes

  • The first deadline has changed.

Eligible applicants

  • Professional artists who have a permanent physical address in northern Ontario, for at least one year prior to submitting an application, and continue to live for at least eight months each year in northern Ontario.
  • Ontario-based not-for-profit organizations; non-arts organizations must demonstrate appropriate arts expertise and directly involve arts professionals as paid artists or advisory committee members.
  • Ad hoc groups/collectives made up of at least 50 per cent arts professionals living in northern Ontario for at least eight months each year.
  • Ontario-based First Nations and schools run by First Nations or Indigenous Education Authorities.
  • Co-applicant individuals, ad hoc groups/collectives and organizations are eligible. If awarded, the grant is split between the two applicants.

Ineligible applicants

  • Colleges, universities and municipalities.
  • For-profit organizations.
  • Organizations receiving OAC operating support; they may be a participant in a group project, but cannot be the applicant or co-applicant.

More about eligibility for OAC’s project programs

This program funds

  • Creation and production of new works in all artistic disciplines.
  • Exhibitions, single and series presentations, concerts, literary readings, book fairs, festivals, and publications connected to an event, such as exhibition catalogues.
  • Skills/career development:
    • For individuals to participate at conferences, workshops, seminars, short-term courses, mentorships, festivals or other similar opportunities, provincially, nationally, or internationally.
    • For organizations, collectives and ad-hoc groups/collectives to present conferences, workshops, seminars, or projects that will benefit Northern artists in their artistic and/or career development.
  • Community-engaged arts projects in communities and schools, collaborations, residencies, and initiatives that engage community members in a creative process.

This program does not fund

  • Fundraising activities, competitions and contests
  • Capital expenses for one-time set-up costs, renovations, purchase of equipment, land, etc.
  • Portfolios or promotional packages
  • Self-publishing
  • Music videos (with the exception of professional live documentation of a performance)
  • Touring projects

Activity timing

The activities for which you are requesting funding:

  • cannot start before the deadline;
  • cannot finish before you receive your grant results; and
  • must be completed no more than two years after you receive the grant results.

Important: You cannot apply to this program if you have an overdue final report in any OAC grant program(s).

Final report requirements

If you receive a grant you must submit a final report upon completion of the project. See Terms and Conditions for Project Programs for more information on reporting obligations. A final report form will be available in Nova. Final reports for this program require grant recipients to provide:
  • Description of the project undertaken and its outcomes, including details on any minor or approved changes to what had been outlined in the application.
  • Final budget.
  • Documentation and/or an explanation of how you acknowledged or will acknowledge OAC support for your project. This should include samples of OAC logo recognition on any promotional or other materials produced in conjunction with the project, such as publications, brochures, posters, invitations, websites, or videos/films. This could also include a description of verbal acknowledgement at public events or the intention to include OAC acknowledgement in associated future activities/materials.

To apply

Program-specific definitions

Northern Ontario: includes the Far North, Northwest, and Northeast regions of the province. This includes the Manitoulin, Parry Sound and Nipissing districts and all regions north of these districts.

Arts professionals: includes artists, arts managers, curators and arts programmers.