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Ontario Arts Council

Writers' Reserve Contact

Helen Floros


Final Report Forms

Final report forms are available upon request. Email your request to finalreport@arts.on.ca indicating the program for which you are submitting a report.

Writers' Reserve


To assist professional writers in the creation of new work. This program is administered by third-party recommenders from the literary community.

Deadline Dates

This program runs from September 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.


  • The current cycle of this program will continue to use print applications. Please download the application form from this web page and mail it to the recommenders you wish to apply to. Applications for this program may not be submitted online at this time.

Who is eligible

  • This program is open to published Ontario-based professional writers working on projects in fiction, poetry, literary criticism, commentary on the arts, graphic novels, history, biography, political or social issues, science or travel. These categories also apply to writing for children, multimedia, CD-ROM or edited electronic media (other than radio or film documentary or drama).
  • You are a professional writer by the OAC's definition if you have:
    • at least one professionally published book for which you have a publishing contract and receive royalties or
    • at least three separately published essays, short stories, poems or other work for which you have received payment.
  • If you are an active professional documentary or drama writer for non-print media (radio, stage, screen, theatre, etc.) you must have at least two recent production credits for which you have received payment.
  • We do not accept student or academic publications or work that you did as part of your employment (unless you are a professional journalist) as part of a professional publishing history. If you are employed full-time and receive a grant, you should be prepared to take a full or partial leave of absence so you can devote time to writing.
  • Third-party recommenders are Ontario-based, Canadian-owned book and literary magazine publishers chosen by the OAC to make recommendations to us for writing grants in this program.

Program Guidelines, List of Recommenders, Application Form and FAQs

If you wish to receive an application package that includes the program guidelines, application forms and a list of recommenders, please call 416-961-1660 or 1-800-387-0058, or email info@arts.on.ca. Or, you can download the material below. The application form can be filled in on your screen, then printed out. You will have to make copies of the completed, signed application form. For detailed information, please see the program guidelines.

Online applications are not currently available for this program.

Final Report

  • PDF (form-fillable)


You may apply to one or more of the following recommenders