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Ontario Arts Council

Questions – Indigenous Culture Fund: Project Grants

Applications include questions related to the program assessment criteria.
Important: Many questions include writing tips which are visible only in the application in Nova.

Remember, assessors only know what you tell them. You cannot assume that they will know your work, your community or your cultural context. In answering the questions, be sure to provide all the information they need to understand and assess your project.

See the ICF Projects Grants – Assessment Criteria page for more information on how assessors rate applications.

These are the questions for this program.

Strength and Clarity of Project Vision

  • Please tell us about you, your group, collective or organization. (Maximum 300 words)
  • Describe the project and what you want to achieve. (Maximum 500 words)
  • Who will lead the project?  (Maximum 150 words)
  • If you plan on involving additional collaborators or partner in your project, you will be required to list them. The following information is required:
    • Name(s) of the person/organization involved in your project
    • Location of the person's/organization's place of residence/head office.
    • Their role in the project.
    • Is the person(s) or organization(s) confirmed?
    • Is the person(s) paid for their work/participation in your project?
  • Why have you chosen, or how will you choose, these collaborators to work with? (Maximum 150 words)

Community Impact

  • How will this project create opportunities for Indigenous participant(s) to engage in, learn and share their cultural practices and expand their traditional knowledge? What are the long-term impacts on the participant(s) and/or their community as a result of the participation? (Maximum 200 words)
  • Are you working with culturally sensitive items, stories or ceremony?  (Maximum 200 words)

Project Readiness and Viability

  • Tell us what experience you have managing projects and project budgets. (Maximum 150 words)
  • How will you reach the intended audience, participants or community for the project? (Maximum 150 words)
  • Outline of your work plan for this project. The following information is required:
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Project activity/task(s)
    • Location
    • Person(s) and/or organizations involved