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Ontario Arts Council

Indigenous Culture Fund: Project Grants for Organizations - Application Questions

There are 12 questions in three categories on this application form: Strength and Clarity of Project Vision, Community Impact, and Project Readiness and Viability. You will also be asked to submit a budget outlining what your project expenses will be.

Strength and Clarity of Project Vision
  1. Please tell us about you, your group, collective or organization. Discuss your organization’s overall history, including previous activities and achievements relevant to the project.  Tell us how culture, community, way of life, geography, language or other influences inform your organization’s approach.  (300 words maximum)

  2. How does the work of your organization relate to the community you are working with on this project?  Talk about your connection with the community you are working with.  (200 words maximum)

  3. Describe the project and what you want to achieve.  Include the main goals and objectives for the project, and why the project is important or meaningful. (500 words maximum)

  4. Who will lead the project?  Identify who within your organization will be responsible for leading the project and explain how and why they have been selected. Explain why your organization is the right one to lead this project. (300 words maximum)

  5. Are you planning on involving additional collaborators or partners in your project? List up to 10 additional collaborators involved in the project below.

  6. Why have you chosen, or how will you choose, these collaborators to work with? Talk about the reasons why you chose to collaborate and describe your collaboration process.  If they are contributing resources to the project, please describe. (150 words maximum)

Community Impact
  1. What is the expected community impact of the project? Include the short-term and long-term community impact of the project. (200 words maximum)

  2. Who else will the project impact, and how? Tell us about specific individuals or groups the project may have an impact on and what they will gain from the project. (200 words maximum)

  3. Are you working with culturally sensitive items, stories or ceremony?  How will you work with the community to ensure that protocols are respected?  If you are working with ceremony, sacred items, stories or cultural projects talk about your approach to cultural sensitivities, protocols and rights. If not applicable, please state. (200 words maximum)

Project Readiness and Viability
  1. Tell us what experience you have managing projects and project budgets. Describe your organization’s track record coordinating teams, organizing schedules, meeting project goals and managing budgets. Discuss what skills or knowledge you will bring to this project. (200 words maximum)
  1. Outline your work plan for this project below. Include when and where the activities will happen. Note that the start date for the activities you are asking for funding for must be after the deadline date. (12 rows maximum)
  1. How will you reach the intended audience, participants or community for the project? Include any marketing, publicity, networking, social media or other activities you will use to reach the people you want to impact through this project.  (200 words maximum)