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Ontario Arts Council

Indigenous Culture Fund: Small Grants - Application Questions

There are three questions on this application form.  You will also be asked to submit a CV, résumé, brief biography, or organizational history and a simple budget outlining what your project expenses will be.

  1. Tell us about your cultural context and your connection to community. In this section, you may describe the work you do, where you are located, your experience and how they relate to your funding request. You may also talk about how you define your community, and how you work in that context.  (500 words maximum)
  1. What are you planning to do?  Clearly describe your project. Let us know where and when the project will take place.  Describe how the project will develop and be completed. (500 words maximum) 
  1. How will this project create opportunities for Indigenous participant(s) to engage in, learn and share their cultural practices and expand their traditional knowledge? What are the long-term impacts on the participant(s) and/or their community as a result of participation? (500 words maximum)