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Canada Dance Mapping Study – the culmination of three major initiatives

February 13, 2017

The Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council undertook three digital and interactive initiatives that resulted in the first ever Canada Dance Mapping Study. These are now available online and include:

  • A nation-wide Yes I dance survey reached out to dancers across the country. Over 8100 responded, representing 190 forms of dance which are all discoverable on the interactive Dance Wheel.
  • The Dance Across Canada interactive map has over 2,880 entries to date mapping dance activity from coast to coast to coast including dance troupes, venues, associations and leisure clubs/groups and continues to grow. The Dance Across Canada Study was the first of its kind -- the only to include both the professional dance sector and a full range of dance activities outside of the professional field.
  • A national survey revealed the majority of dance organizations have social impacts on community vitality, energy and civic engagement; physical and psychological well-being of individuals; and the development of children and youth. Explore the interactive visualization of survey results.

The findings enrich our understanding of dance in Canada, its diversity and social impacts. All the reports and initiatives are now easily accessible by theme and available on one page of the Canada Council‎'s website. The Study presents findings in innovative ways and includes a comprehensive bibliography. Please feel free to share the information.

A heartfelt thank you to all of the dancers, choreographers, teachers, organizations and collectives who participated and shared the results with their networks.

About The Canada Dance Mapping Study

In 2011 the Canada Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Ontario Arts Council, launched the Canada Dance Mapping Study to identify, quantify and describe the ecology, economy and environment of dance in Canada. It was an initiative to investigate dance in its evolving state and in its multifaceted influences on the lives of Canadians.

The Study was supported by a Steering Committee including dance representatives from public arts funders as well as representatives from the professional dance community.

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