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Ontario Arts Council


Shoshana Wasser

Communications Coordinator (Government & Media Relations)
Toll-free in Ontario: 1-800-387-0058, ext. 7434

Complete your organization’s profile in Nova!

August 9, 2017

We’ve just completed a system update that will make it easier to maintain your organization’s profile in Nova. Therefore, we require all organizations to confirm the contact information on their profile.

Any information you’ve added to date will still be there – we just need you to confirm that the contact information is correct, make any necessary adjustments and click the Activate button. We also need you to check that each person associated with your organization has an accurate, up-to-date email address on the Manage Organization Affiliations screen. View step-by-step instructions in OAC’s Nova User Guide.


All organizations with profiles in Nova must complete these tasks in order to submit future applications to OAC. We recommend doing this as soon as possible, to ensure you and your colleagues receive important news from OAC related to your program and application.


For more information

Ashleigh Hodgins
Communications Coordinator
416-969-7462 | toll-free in Ontario: 1-800-387-0058, ext. 7462