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Access and Career Development

Access and Career Development
January 01, 2006 - January 01, 2006

Program for: Individuals and Collectives

Purpose: Access and Career Development supports Ontario-based Aboriginal arts professionals and arts professionals of colour. The program will fund professional development and skill-building opportunities that advance the applicants’ artistic work and careers. 

In keeping with its strategic plan, Vital Arts and Public Value, OAC is committed to reflecting the cultural diversity and the Aboriginal identity of the province through its programs. The OAC also recognizes that there continue to be systemic barriers for arts professionals of colour and Aboriginal arts professionals. One solution is the Access and Career Development program, which supports the cultural diversity of Ontario’s arts sector.

Applicants can request funding for training, mentoring or apprenticing in all contemporary and traditional art practices.

Click here to read about four Ontario artists who received Access grants to pursue their goals. 

Eligibility: Aboriginal arts professionals and arts professionals of colour.

Aboriginal includes Métis, Inuit, Status and Non-Status

People of Colour includes Chinese, South Asian, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Southeast Asian, Arabic, West Asian, Japanese, Korean and Pacific Islander, etc.

Arts Professionals are artists, arts administrators, community animators, curators, programmers, technicians and arts educators who are engaged in creating, promoting, presenting, distributing and programming artistic work.

You can submit your application in French and we will have your application translated by accredited translators before assessment. The English translations are available to you by request after the results have been announced. We do not translate written material that is not a required element of the application. We will make sure an assessor is Francophone.

Deadline Date: May 1, 2015
Grant notification letters will be mailed out four months after the application deadline.

Guidelines and Application Form

Final Report Form

For more information

  • Maya Bedward, Bilingual Program Assistant, 416-961-1660 extension 5135, toll free 1-800-387-0058 extension 5135,

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