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Total number of Ontario communities where resident artists and arts organizations received OAC grant


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Director of Research, Policy and Evaluation
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Research Analyst
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Freedom of Information & Records Management Coordinator

Quick Stats on the Arts

Download a selection of statistics demonstrating the impact of Ontario’s arts sector, including the reach of public funding of the arts through the Ontario Arts Council. This one-page PDF document is suitable for use as a handout or leave-behind.


Public Participation/Support for Culture

  • 73% of Ontarians 15 years or older ( 8.0 million people ) attended a performing arts event or a cultural festival in 2010 1
  • 48% of Ontarians ( 5.3 million people ) visited a museum or art gallery in 2010 1
  • Direct Ontario consumer spending on cultural goods and services was $11 billion in 2008.  This includes $600 million in spending by Ontarians on live performing arts. 2
  • Over 72,000 volunteers contributed over 1.8 million hours in 2013/2014 to arts organizations receiving ongoing support from OAC.  

Economic and Social Contribution of Culture 

  • Ontario’s culture sector directly contributes $27.7 billion annually to the provincial economy – representing 4.1 % of Ontario’s GDP. 4
  • In 2010, there were 301,933 jobs directly related to Ontario's culture sector, or 4.3% of total employment. 4
  • Both Statistics Canada and The Conference Board of Canada recognize creators ( e.g. independent artists, writers and performers ) and creative producers ( e.g. theatre performances, concerts and book/magazine publishers ) as important links in the “creative chain” or creative economy. 5
  • The Conference Board of Canada also recognized the many social benefits of culture being documented by researchers around the globe – including fostering of community identity, social cohesion and personal development (e.g. creativity, self confidence) 5

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