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Total in OAC grants to organizations
$48.2 million


Kathryn Townshend

Director of Research, Policy and Evaluation
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Michael Choo

Research Analyst
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Donors to Arts and Culture Organizations in Canada

January 1, 2004

This report examines the findings regarding arts and culture donors from a national survey of individual donors to all types of not-for-profit organizations. Key data highlighted in this report include the number of donors and the total value of donations made to Canadian arts and culture organizations, including organizations involved in visual arts, ceramic art, performing arts, architecture, media and communications as well as museums, zoos, aquariums and historical, literary and humanistic societies.
The report also examines the demographic characteristics of arts and culture donors, including the distribution of donors by sex, age, education, household income, employment status and marital status. Estimates of arts and culture donors and donations in the provinces are also provided