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Carolyn Gloude


Rohana Buzamlak

Awards Administrator
Toll-free in Ontario: ​1-800-387-0058, ext. 7416

Premier’s Awards Nomination: Include the following documents

Each of the following items of your nomination will assist assessors to evaluate your nominee and help guide their decision-making in the selection of the laureates.

Nominator’s letter (maximum 2 pages – PDF format)

Your letter describes why they should be chosen as the laureate. You can consider:
  • Sharing a personal anecdote or rationale about why you have chosen your nominee;
  • Identifying some of their artistic works, presentations, events, etc., that received accolades, honours or tributes, and/or
  • Describing their outstanding achievements and the important contributions they have made to the arts and culture in Ontario over a significant period of time.

Nominee’s résumé/biography or organizational profile 

(maximum 2 pages – PDF format)
Tip: Consult your nominee. They can provide their current résumé/biography or organizational profile.
  • For an Artist Award nomination, attach their résumé or biography.
  • For an Arts Organization Award nomination, attach their organizational profile.

Support documents 

(maximum 3 pages – PDF format)
  • These documents should support your letter and provide others’ opinions regarding your nominee. Consult your nominee. They can provide current information and documentation of their work.
You can submit:
  • Published or online reviews and/or articles about your nominee. These can be a compilation of relevant highlights or full articles. Include a citation for each review/article (source and date: e.g., The Windsor Star, May 11, 2016, page 15, or Big Book Blog www.bigbookblog.net, October 2016).

  • Testimonial statement(s). These are brief comments from other persons that support your nominee. Include source and date (e.g., Leslie Lee, Campaign Chair for Support the Arts, Sault Ste. Marie, June 2017, or Jay Brown, workshop participant at Summer Festival, Belleville, July 2017).


  • The following documents or artistic support material will not be accepted or reviewed by assessors: audio/visual materials (CDs, DVDs, slides, etc.), books, catalogues, magazines, brochures, promotional posters, photographs, press releases, flyers or artwork.