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Ontario Arts Council
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Grants Advanced Search


Emily Jeffers

Program Administrator
Toll-free in Ontario: ​​​​​​​1-800-387-0058 ext. 7461

Final Report Forms

All final reports are completed and submitted in Nova, OAC’s online granting system. This now includes grants received through a paper application process. For instructions on how to log into Nova, see the Nova User Guide. You will find the report form in your Nova profile, under Action Items. For enquiries regarding reporting requirements, contact us at finalreport@arts.on.ca.

Exhibition Assistance – Recommenders List

The 2020-21 program is open from September 2020 until January 15, 2021. Note that the list of participating recommenders is posted in September 2020 when the program opens, and is subject to updates and changes during the program year.  

You must apply to a recommender located in the zone where you live. To find your zone, see the Map of Exhibition Assistance Zones.

You may also be eligible to apply to a specialized recommender. These recommenders can accept applications from artists in any zone.

Recommenders with (F) next to their name only accept applications in French, and will assess them in French.  If you apply in French to any other recommender, it is likely that your application will be translated and assessed in English.

To find a recommender:
  • Check the box for the zone you live in.
  • Check boxes for any specialized recommenders that you are eligible for.