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Deadline Date: April 1, 2015
Clark, Virginia, Kingston 
Martin, Jason, Ohsweken 
McKenzie, Heidi, Toronto 
Mutta, Rajvinder, Brampton 
Perera, Nilan, Toronto

Advisory panels are used to provide advice and help set priorities in many granting competitions at the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). Advisory panels do not make grant decisions. Officers make final grant recommendations to the OAC executive director and the OAC board based on advisors' comments, OAC priorities, the program budget and the number of applications to the program. In Years 2 and 3 of a multi-year cycle, requests are reviewed by the officer and not an advisory panel.

To safeguard the integrity of the peer assessment process, we do not allow anyone who has a direct conflict of interest with an application to serve on a jury or an advisory panel where that application is to be reviewed. Indirect conflicts of interest are managed by a standard OAC procedure.
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Multi-Year Operating - Year 2
Amici Chamber Ensemble, Cambridge, $6,128
Art of Time Ensemble, Toronto, $23,750
Ashkenaz Foundation, Toronto, $22,800
Continuum Contemporary Music, Toronto, $17,100
Hannaford Street Silver Band, Toronto, $32,728
Lindsay Concert Foundation, Lindsay, $9,681
The Music Gallery, Toronto, $42,418
Music TORONTO, Toronto, $41,895
Nagata Shachu, Scarborough, $13,063
New Music Concerts, Toronto, $34,115
Small World Music Society, Toronto, $45,885
Soundstreams Canada, Toronto, $91,485
Talisker Players Chamber Music, Toronto, $8,265
Toronto Blues Society, Toronto, $26,600
Toronto Consort, Toronto, $24,225

Aradia Ensemble, Toronto, $6,498
The Array Centre for Contemporary Music / Arraymusic, Toronto, $21,931
Batuki Music Society, Toronto, $14,250
Bharathi Kala Manram, Mississauga, $12,184
Chinese Artists Society of Toronto, Toronto, $9,500
The Grand River Jazz Society Corp, Waterloo, $18,050
Neruda Arts, Kitchener, $23,750
NUMUS Concerts Inc., Waterloo, $20,252
Raag-Mala Music Society, Toronto, $6,630
Wavelength Music Arts Projects, Toronto, $24,981