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Results Announcement

Deadline Date: March 3, 2015
Abel, David, Toronto (T/D)
Adler, Howard, Ottawa (AA)
Ali, Irfan, Toronto (L; AE/M/C)
Carter, Sue, Toronto (L)
Cooper, Ella, Toronto (AE/M/C)
Couchie, Penny, North Bay (AA)
Greyeyes, Alan, Winnipeg (AA)
Jacob, Luis, Toronto (V/M/C)
Kajorinne, Caroline, Thunder Bay (L; AE/M/C; V/M/C; T/D; M)
Kohli, Vikas, Mississauga (L; AE/M/C; V/M/C; T/D; M)
Martinez, Amanda, Toronto (M)
Mehta, Mervon, Toronto (M)
Packwood, Gail, Toronto (T/D)
Quinton, Sarah, Toronto (V/M/C)
Smith, Ariel, Ottawa (L; AE/M/C; V/M/C; T/D; M)

The jurors served on one or more of the following groups:

Aboriginal Arts (AA);
Arts Education / Multidisciplinary / Community (AE/M/C);
Literature (L);
Music (M)           
Theatre / Dance (T/D);           
Visual / Media Arts / Craft (V/M/C);        

This jury also assessed the Arts Service Organizations operating applications.

Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Akin Collective Projects, Toronto, $5,885
Canada's Music Incubator Limited, Toronto, $10,000
Canadian League of Composers / Ligue canadienne des compositeurs, Toronto, $10,000
The Canadian Network of Dance Presenters CANDANCE/CANDANSE Le réseau canadien des diffuseurs de danse, Toronto, $10,000
CAPACOA, Ottawa, $5,400
Coordinating Body of Arts Culture and Heritage (CBACH), North Bay, $10,000
Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, Toronto, $10,000
The Documentary Organization of Canada / L'Association des documentaristes du Canada, Toronto, $10,000
Magazines Canada, Toronto, $10,000
MANO/RAMO, Toronto, $10,000
The NDN Talent Collective, Toronto, $10,000
Picasso PRO, Toronto, $10,000
Provincial Arts Service Organizations of Ontario Coalition (PASO), Toronto, $10,000
Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts, Toronto, $10,000
The Writers' Union of Canada, Toronto, $10,000