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Indigenous Visual Artists' Materials

Results Announcement

Deadline Date: January 31, 2022

This is a third-party recommender program. Recommenders are organizations in the arts community authorized by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) to receive and assess grant applications. Recommenders are each allocated a budget and decide which applications are awarded grants. They also determine the amount of each grant. OAC reviews grant recommendations to confirm applicant and project eligibility and issues grant payments to recipients. Recommender decisions are authorized by OAC’s CEO.

To safeguard the integrity of the assessment process, artists who have a conflict of interest with a particular recommender are not eligible to apply to that recommender. An artist is in a conflict of interest if they are:

  • an employee or board member of the recommender organization
  • a person who reviews applications for the recommender
  • an immediate family member of those described above
In addition, recommenders must not approve grants that will be paid back to them in any way.

Anemki Art Collective, Fort William First Nation
Number of Applications: 48
Total Requested: $44,000
Number of Grants Awarded: 16
Total Recommended: $12,000
atlookan, lucille, Thunder Bay, $1,000 
Beardy, Katherine, Sioux Lookout, $1,000 
Cameron, Josh, Kenora, $500 
Cameron, Kristy, Atikokan, $500 
Dumont, Michel, Thunder Bay, $500 
Duncan, Carla, Muskrat Dam, $1,000 
Echum, Leanne, Georgina Island First Nation, $500 
Edwards, Cynthia, Thunder Bay, $1,000 
Elijah, Shana, Southwold/ Oneida Nation, $500 
Kapashesit, Stan, Moose Factory, $500 
Kwandibens, Emile, Toronto, $1,000 
Nawagesic, Adora-Lee, Sault Ste.marie, $1,000 
Quequish, Ramona, Sioux Lookout, $500 
Twance, Katelyn, Thunder Bay, $500 
Waboose, Amber, Batchewana First Nation, $1,000 
Wajashk, Nathalie, Dokis First Nation, $1,000 

Inuit Art Foundation, Toronto
Number of Applications: 14
Total Requested: $13,500
Number of Grants Awarded: 12
Total Recommended: $11,000
Amagoalik, Geeteeta, Ottawa, $1,000 
Ashoona, Betty, Brantford, $1,000 
Auksaq, Allen, Ottawa, $1,000 
Brousseau, Vanessa, Welland, $1,000 
Coman, Heather, Ottawa, $1,000 
Evvik, Janet, Ottawa, $500 
Gordon, Elizabeth, Bowmanville, $1,000 
Ittinuar, Natalie, Ottawa, $500 
Kabloona, Gayle Uyagaqi, Ottawa, $1,000 
Sikuliaq, Susie, Gloucester, $1,000 
Thompson, Manitok, Carleton Place, $1,000 
van Heuvelen, Couzyn, Bowmanville, $1,000 

Neto Hatinakwe Onkwehowe Native Arts, St. Catharines
Number of Applications: 23
Total Requested: $22,500
Number of Grants Awarded: 15
Total Recommended: $8,500
Bardy, Darien, Stoney Creek, $500 
Dokis, Denise, Dokis First Nation, $500 
Gallant, Kaitlin, Guelph, $500 
Jamieson, Star, Barrie, $500 
Keast, Eric, Emo, $1,000 
Kemp, Lindsey, niagara on the lake, $500 
Metallic, Jamie, Orleans, $500 
Nicholas, Kelly, Southwold, $500 
Peters, Monica, Akwesasne Indian Reservation, $500 
Qaunaq, Zorga, Ottawa, $500 
Southwind, Yvonne, North Bay, $1,000 
Spence, Rosary, Scarborough, $500 
Squire, Melanie, Scotland/Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, $500 
Tabobondung, Jordan, Wasauksing First Nation, $500 
Thomas, Andrew, Southwold, $500 

Ojibwe Cultural Foundation, M'Chigeeng First Nation
Number of Applications: 22
Total Requested: $20,000
Number of Grants Awarded: 19
Total Recommended: $14,500
Abitong, Miranda, Maberly, $500 
Beaucage, Glenna, Garden Village, $500 
Bobiwash, Taryn, Cutler, $1,000 
Bottle, Tayler, Lac Seul First Nation, $1,000 
Felhaber, Michelle, Espanola, $500 
Fox, Teresa, Sturgeon Falls, $500 
Johnston, Lesley, Garson, $1,000 
Lightning, Waasii, Sudbury, $1,000 
Mamakeesick, Jessica, Thunder Bay, $1,000 
Manitowabi, Cheyanne, Sheguiandah, $1,000 
Maurer, Jenna, Englehart, $500 
mcdonald, madison, Ottawa, $500 
McGregor, Amelia, Birch Island, $1,000 
Pelletier, Cindy, Cutler, $500 
Sawdo, Lori, Thunder Bay, $1,000 
Solomon, Joey, Sudbury, $1,000 
Thompson, Ruby, Sheguiandah First Nation, $500 
Wabegijig, Frank, Garden River, $500 
White, Wendy, Whitefish Bay, $1,000 

Wikwemikong Tourism, Wikwemikong
Number of Applications: 18
Total Requested: $17,000
Number of Grants Awarded: 18
Total Recommended: $16,500
Arsenault, Laura, Longlac, $1,000 
Dokis, Gwen, Dokis First Nation, $1,000 
Doxtater-Wynn, Haileigh, Sioux Lookout, $500 
Flamand, Corinne, Sudbury, $1,000 
Flamand, Teresa, Sudbury, $1,000 
Havill, Wesley, minden, $1,000 
Jonathan, Stevie, Ohsweken, $1,000 
Kiyoshk, Nimkee, Wallaceburg, $1,000 
Lesage, Aryn, Sault Ste. Marie, $1,000 
Manitowabi, Annwin, Keswick, $1,000 
Meawasige, Quinn, Serpent River First Nation, $1,000 
Nahwegahbo, Star, Toronto, $500 
Pine, Richard, Garden River, $500 
pitawanakwat, pam, Wikwemikong, $1,000 
Shigwadja-Collins, Bernice, Sudbury, $1,000 
Smillie, Christarr, Toronto, $1,000 
St-Pierre, Jessica, Sudbury, $1,000 
Wemigwans, Alana, Scarborough, $1,000 

Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford
Number of Applications: 14
Total Requested: $13,500
Number of Grants Awarded: 14
Total Recommended: $12,500
Burning, Kendra, Ohsweken, $1,000 
Chambers, Tracey, Hamilton, $500 
Dokis, Adrienne, Dokis First Nation, $1,000 
Douglas, Deron, Markham, $1,000 
Houle, Cody, Brantford, $1,000 
Jamieson, Cathie, Hagersville, $1,000 
John, Amberley, Windsor, $1,000 
Lacourciere, Ashley, Orillia, $1,000 
MacDonald, Bradly, North Bay, $1,000 
Meshake, Rene, Guelph, $500 
Mitchell, Keri, Ottawa, $1,000 
O’Quinn, Erin, LaSalle, $500 
Peters, Holly, Chatham, $1,000 
Sinclair, Thomas, Sault Ste. Marie, $1,000