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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Arts Organizations in Communities and Schools: Operating

Results Announcement

Deadline Date: March 31, 2022
Hudson, Audrey, Toronto
Pijuan-Nomura, Lisa, Hamilton
Silk, Cora-Rae, Sudbury

Advisory panels provide advice and help set priorities in many granting competitions at the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). Advisory panels do not make grant decisions. Officers make final grant recommendations to the OAC Director & CEO and the OAC board based on advisors' comments, OAC priorities, the program budget and the number of applications to the program. In Year 2 and 3 of a multi-year cycle, requests are reviewed by the officer and not an advisory panel. 

To safeguard the integrity of the peer assessment process, we do not allow anyone who has a direct conflict of interest with an application to serve on an assessment panel where that application is to be reviewed. Indirect conflicts of interest are managed by a standard OAC procedure. 
Number of Applications:
Total Requested:
Number of Grants Awarded:
Total Recommended:
Multi-Year Operating - Year 2
Art Starts Neighbourhood Cultural Centre, Toronto, $43,774
Arts for All, Hamilton, $30,586
Children's Peace Theatre, Toronto, $24,693
Clay and Paper Theatre, Toronto, $29,671
Community Arts & Heritage Education Project, Thunder Bay, $46,848
Community Arts Guild, Scarborough, $17,765
DAREarts, Toronto, $36,854
Focus Media Arts Centre, Toronto, $32,200
Jumblies Theatre, Toronto, $49,154
Lakeshore Arts, Toronto, $24,146
MABELLEarts, Etobicoke, $32,793
Multicultural Arts for Schools & Communities (MASC), Ottawa, $124,929
Myths and Mirrors Community Arts, Sudbury, $31,209
OrKidstra, Ottawa, $57,634
Prologue to the Performing Arts, Toronto, $154,941
Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, Toronto, $37,088
ReDefine Arts, Toronto, $25,019
Regent Park School of Music, Toronto, $60,462
Shadowland Theatre, Toronto, $26,352
Sheatre, Kemble, $22,821
Sistema Toronto, Toronto, $48,760
Sketch Working Arts for Street-involved and Homeless Youth, Toronto, $101,663
STEPS Public Art, Toronto, $57,927
The Remix Project, Toronto, $40,797
Thinking Rock Community Arts, Thessalon, $41,446
Unity Charity, Toronto, $59,243
UrbanArts, Toronto, $42,293
VIBE Arts, Toronto, $76,842

4elements Living Arts, Kagawong, $19,414
Art Not Shame, Guelph, $25,000
H'art Centre, Kingston, $35,000
Outside Looking In, Ohsweken, $30,263
RISE Arts and Community Services, Toronto, $32,000