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Terms and conditions – receipt of OAC project grant funds

Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions that govern receipt of Ontario Arts Council (OAC) funds before submitting your application through OAC’s online application system, Nova.


If I am successful in receiving a grant, I understand that the following terms and conditions apply for the receipt of OAC funds:


1. Purpose and use of the grant:

  • OAC funds will be used only for the purposes outlined in this application and in OAC grant notification.
  • OAC funds will be used only by the applicant listed on the application.
    • If the project is delayed or changed for any reason, I will notify OAC before the changes take place. If OAC does not approve the delay or change(s) to my project and I do not complete the project as outlined in the application, I may be required to return all or part of the grant. The amount of grant funds to be returned will be calculated by OAC.
    • If the project is not completed, I will return the funds granted for the proposed project.
  • Grants will be used for the proposed project within a maximum of 28 months from the deadline date of the program through which you received the grant. Some programs require funded projects to be completed within a shorter time frame, as outlined in the program-specific eligibility criteria.

2. Legislative requirements for employers


3. Safe programming requirements

  • If I, my co-applicant, my collective or my organization’s employees or volunteers (am/is/are) in direct, on-going, close contact with vulnerable persons as a result of this grant, a vulnerable sector check must be obtained before beginning the activity.  

4. Income tax

  • For individuals, including key applicants and co-applicants, a T4A form will be issued by OAC and should be retained for income tax purposes.
  • For individuals, grant notification will include a request for my social insurance number. 
    • I agree to provide this information in Nova within four weeks of the date of the request.

5. Audit requirements

  • As a recipient of public funds, I understand that I am required to maintain accounting records of funds received from OAC detailing their receipt and disbursement. I may also be audited by the Auditor General of Ontario, or agent thereof, or the Government of Ontario to show that the money has been used for the purposes outlined in my application.

6. Reporting requirements

  • I understand that I am required to submit a final report in Nova on how I used the grant. Instructions telling me how to prepare this report will be provided with my grant notification.
  • I must submit a final report that demonstrates I completed the project as outlined in the application or have received approval for any project changes. Otherwise, the report may not be approved.
  • If the final budget submitted in the final report shows a surplus of more than $250, I may be required to repay the surplus amount to OAC.
  • I further understand that if I fail to submit a final report or my final report cannot be approved, I will not be eligible to apply for further OAC funding until I submit a satisfactory final report or I repay all or part of the grant. The amount of grant funds to be returned will be calculated by OAC.

7. Acknowledgment

  • I am required to acknowledge OAC’s support by using OAC’s logo in advertising, programs, brochures and other publicity materials for all the activities of the project.