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Shoshana Wasser

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Alexandra De Gasperis appointed to board of directors

September 20, 2019

Toronto-based Alexandra De Gasperis has been appointed to the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) board of directors.

Alexandra De Gasperis

Alexandra’s community involvement began at a young age when she co-founded and became Executive Director of the Burgundy Brick Foundation (BBF) in 2007. The BBF supports affordable housing and initiatives to combat youth homelessness in Ontario. In 2011, BBF was chosen to be a Women’s Build Ambassador by Habitat GTA – something of which Alexandra is very proud as she is a dedicated supporter of Habitat for Humanity.

“We are fortunate that Alexandra’s commitment to community-building and design for habitable cities includes a passion for the arts,” said Rita Davies, OAC Chair. “Alexandra’s interests and background dovetail well with the overview and governance role of OAC’s board of directors.”

Alexandra graduated with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies from Western University before obtaining her law degree from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom in 2013. (read more...)

The Ontario Arts Council has a 12-member government-appointed board of directors that is responsible for oversight of OAC’s granting process, including policies and decision-making. In 2018-19, the Ontario Arts Council invested $61.1 million in 228 communities across Ontario through 2,252 grants to individual artists and 1,424 grants to organizations.