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Community-engaged arts officer Loree Lawrence steps down

May 15, 2023

Loree Lawrence
Multi and Inter-arts and community-engaged arts officer

Loree LawrenceLoree Lawrence is leaving her position to run a commercial art gallery and pursue her own arts practice. Loree began as community and multidisciplinary arts officer when she started at the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) in 2009, and has been the multi-arts, Inter-arts and community-engaged arts officer since 2018.

Over 20 years, Loree developed collaborative theatre performances, film and video projects, art installations, parades and processions with communities in Toronto and Vancouver. She has been dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience of how art and artmaking can cultivate new perspectives, energize individuals and communities, and create new pathways for personal and social change.

Loree is a passionate advocate for the arts as a catalyst for personal and social transformation. She has served on advisory boards for the city culture divisions of Vancouver, Ottawa, and Brampton, and is a practicing arts consultant and ceramicist.