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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Questions – Creation Projects

Applications include questions related to the program assessment criteria. Many questions include writing tips specific to each program.

Remember, assessors only know what you tell them. You cannot assume that they will know your work, your community or your cultural context. In answering the questions, be sure to provide all the information they need to understand and assess your project.

See the Evaluation Rubric – Creation Projects for more information on how assessors rate applications.

These are the questions for this program. 

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Make sure that the information you give in this section shows that you are eligible to apply for this program. See the Guide to OAC Project Programs and the program web page for information about eligible applicants and ask program staff if you are not sure.   

  • Tell us about who you are as an artist, arts professional, group or organization. [Maximum 300 words] 
  • Describe the context in which you work. You may choose to include information about your environment, community, artistic influences and cultural identity or, as relevant, your connection to OAC priority groups and how they have had an impact on you or your organization’s art, career/development and decisions. [Maximum 300 words]   
  • List your group members or key staff, if applicable. The following information is required: 
    • Name 
    • Title or role 
  • Type or upload your CV(s), resumé(s) and bio(s). [Maximum 1,000 words or 3 pages]   
  • Enter the address for your website. 

Support Material  

  • Describe how the artistic examples below relate to your project. [Maximum 150 words] 
  • Provide the required artistic examples for this program. 
  • Upload the bios, CVs or organization summaries of your key project collaborators. 
  • Upload any other required support documents for this program. 


Project Plans  

  •  What are you planning to do, and what do you want to achieve with this project? [Maximum 425 words] 


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