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The Status of Women in the Canadian Arts and Cultural Industries: Research Review 2010-2018

October 17, 2018

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) released The status of women in the Canadian arts and cultural industries: Research review 2010-2018, a report commissioned by OAC from a research team led by Dr. Amanda Coles, a Canadian on faculty at Australia’s Deakin University.
This report provides an important synthesis of existing research on the status of women in the arts in Ontario and Canada. The majority of existing research focuses on specific sectors, such as media arts/screen, or theatre, etc., rather than addressing the arts and cultural industries as a whole.
The report covers six sectors: visual arts, dance, theatre, literature, music, and media arts/screen.
The report includes a cross-sectoral analysis, identifying the common themes that emerge from a review of the sector-specific research studies – and noting differences across the sectors.
It focuses on the following key quantitative indicators that illuminate the professional experiences of women artists and cultural workers in Ontario specifically and in Canada more broadly:
  • Workforce and employment
  • Education and training
  • Leadership
  • Career and industry recognition

Data was sourced from published literature, with an emphasis on scholarly research and high-quality industry reports. Secondary sources, including mainstream media sources and industry advocacy material, were used when credible and appropriate, to fill in knowledge gaps.
Full Report