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Shoshana Wasser

Communications Coordinator (Government & Media Relations)
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Exhibition Assistance Program Moves Online

June 22, 2018

Over the next three months, the Ontario Arts Council (OAC)’s third-party recommender programs will be moving to Nova, our online grant application platform. The first of these to go online is the Exhibition Assistance program which is now accepting applications until January 15, 2019.

The other three recommender programs, Indigenous Visual Artists’ Materials, Recommender Grants for Writers, and Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators, will be moving online over the summer and early fall.

About Exhibition Assistance

This program provides grants of $500 to $2,000 for artists and artist collectives to help pay for costs related to presenting their work in confirmed, upcoming exhibitions. These grants support artists to present exhibitions in Ontario, nationally or internationally.

Rather than applying directly to OAC, artists submit their applications to a third-party recommender organization, usually a public art gallery, an artist-run-centre, or a cultural organization, located in their region. These organizations make funding recommendations, without administrative compensation from OAC, as a service to the artists in their communities.

Currently, there are 69 Exhibition Assistance recommenders located in all regions across Ontario, including several with specialized expertise serving artists of colour, Indigenous artists, Francophone artists, or Deaf artists or artists with a disability. There are also recommenders with specialized expertise in photography, craft or media arts. The newest recommender organization in this program is Workman Arts, an arts and mental health organization located in Toronto.

If you have any questions about the Exhibition Assistance program, please contact:

Caroline Cotter
Program Administrator, Visual Arts & Craft
1-800-387-0058, ext. 7455

Amber Yared
Program Administrator, Media Arts
1-800-387-0058, ext. 7461

Annette Mangaard
Acting Visual Arts Associate Officer
416-961-1660 ext. 6113
1-800-387-0058, ext. 6113