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Ontario Arts Council


The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) is a publicly funded independent agency of the Government of Ontario, reporting to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. For more than a half century now, OAC has played a vital role in promoting and assisting the development of the arts for the enjoyment and benefit of all Ontarians. The OAC has fostered growth in Ontario’s arts communities by funding individual artists and arts organizations in all disciplines and all regions of the province.

The OAC’s staff manage granting programs, while a volunteer board of directors oversees the fulfilment of the organization’s mandate. The board of directors is made up of 12 government-appointed members.

Granting programs are organized primarily by discipline, such as craft, dance, literature, music, theatre, media arts and visual arts. In addition, OAC supports the touring, recording and presentation of arts activities as well as various collaborations between artists. Funding is also available for culturally based arts forms, such as Franco-Ontarian arts and Indigenous arts.