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Ontario Arts Council


Lucy Gouveia

Program Administrator

Final Report Forms

Final report forms are available upon request. Email your request to finalreport@arts.on.ca indicating the program for which you are submitting a report.

Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators


To assist theatre creators to develop new work.

This is a third-party recommender program. Applications are made to and funding decisions are made by the theatre companies enrolled in the program.


Individual recommender theatre companies may have priority areas of activity or applicants; see each theatre company’s information when the program is active.

Deadline Dates

The program is active between September 2017 and January 2018. There are no deadlines in this program. Recommender theatre companies will set their own schedules for review of applications.

Grant amount(s)

  • The minimum amount you can apply for is $1,000; the maximum is $5,000.
You may receive more than one Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators grant in any one year, towards one project or for different projects. You may receive recommendations from more than one recommender in the same year.

Important: Due to the number of applications received and the limited funds available, grants awarded may be smaller than the amount requested.

What's changed this year

  • The program was previously known as Theatre Creators’ Reserve.

Who is eligible

  • Professional theatre artists who are residents of Ontario with a permanent physical address in Ontario.
  • Ad hoc groups/collectives composed of a majority of Ontario residents.

Who is not eligible

  • Organizations
  • Non-professional applicants
  • Employees or board members of the recommending theatre organization, or immediate family members of staff or board members
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What this program funds

  • Any type of creation activity by eligible applicants.

What this program does not fund

  • Creation of non-theatre work – e.g. film, radio or TV, fiction, poetry, etc.
  • Workshop costs
  • Productions

Activity timing

The activities for which you are requesting funding:
  • cannot start before the recommender theatre’s deadline;
  • cannot finish before you receive your grant results, up to six weeks after the recommender theatre’s deadline; and
  • must be completed no more than two years after you receive the grant results.

Important: You cannot apply to this program if you have an overdue final report in any OAC grant program.

To apply, you need to submit

  • An application to the recommender theatre company
  • Artistic examples as required by the recommender theatre company