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Shoshana Wasser

Senior Communications Coordinator (Government & Media Relations)
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Tangled Art + Disability Added to List of Recommenders for Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program

December 12, 2014

Tangled Art + Disability (Tangled Art), an organization that fosters opportunities for artists with disabilities, has joined the list of recommenders for the Theatre Creators’ Reserve program.

Tangled Art will review and allocate funding to eligible theatre project applications. The 2014-2015 deadline to submit applications has passed. However, applications will be accepted beginning in September 2015.

On October 22, representatives from Tangled Art, Rina Fraticelli and Eliza Chandler, along with artists Steve Kean and Carrie Perreault visited OAC to present a report on disability and Deaf art in Canada. They provided valuable insights into some of the social and systemic barriers faced by Deaf artists and artists with disabilities, and provided guidelines for change and increased opportunities.