What is The Ripple Effect?

It’s no secret that arts activities can be fun, inspiring, thought-provoking and illuminating. But perhaps not as well-known are the incredible ripple effects that result from the work of Ontario’s professional artists and arts organizations. We’re talking about things like: Economic benefits – like funding new works that go on to earn a significant return… Continue Reading →

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Créations In Vivo: A voyage off the beaten track, all across Ontario

Since its inception, Créations In Vivo’s mission has been to explore a variety of performing arts disciplines to tell engaging stories to its audiences. In vivo means “in a living environment” – an inspired name for a small company that has connected artists and audiences through original works since its inception in 2007, illustrating the… Continue Reading →

Stratford Festival: How theatre transformed a community’s economy and identity

The year was 1951, and Toronto-based writer Tom Patterson couldn’t get his mind off his hometown. Patterson grew up in Stratford, a small town in southwestern Ontario built on two industries – locomotive repair and furniture manufacturing. By mid-century, both were on the decline, and so, too, were the town’s economic fortunes. Looking for a… Continue Reading →

The Festival of Literary Diversity: Shining a spotlight on the people and places we need to hear from

When Jael Richardson participates in literary events, she notices not only who is asked to speak – but what they’re asked to speak about. As the novelist and non-fiction writer from Brampton explains, for many years, “The sessions that tended to have people of colour tended to be about that – they would be about race and culture.”

The Remix Project: Giving youth a fresh spin on creative careers

Over the past decade, Toronto has become increasingly known as a hotbed of music industry talent. Most of us know the big name performers who have come to dominate the airwaves and Billboard charts. Not as well known are the new generation of producers, business minds and other creators who play a huge role behind the scenes in revolutionizing and sustaining the sector.

Workman Arts: Fighting barriers and stigma for artists with mental health and addiction challenges

Some of history’s best-known artists – from musicians and writers to painters and actors – are known to have struggled with mental health and addiction. Often overlooked, is that artists with mental health and addiction challenges can thrive creatively and personally when they have access to the right support systems and opportunities.

Near North Mobile Media Lab: Nurturing creativity and careers

Picture this: you’re a 17-year-old living in Timmins, a city of 40,000 in northeastern Ontario. You’ve just seen the latest Marvel movie at your local theatre, and you’re totally in awe of the cinematography and special effects. It would be so cool to learn how it all works, and even try your hand at making your own movie. But how would you ever be able to afford (or even access) the software and equipment that could make this dream a reality?

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