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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Access & Equity

As a public agency, funder and employer, the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) is committed to access and equity. By this we mean treating people fairly and taking into account and accommodating different barriers and needs, so that all groups and communities can have access to opportunities and resources. 

In 2014, OAC launched its strategic plan, Vital Arts and Public Value. Included in it is OAC’s equity plan, which outlines the specific objectives OAC is committed to achieving in order to address and remove barriers in its programs, processes and services. The OAC also has a multi-year accessibility plan and has accommodation policies for applicants and assessors using Nova, OAC’s online grant management system. 

The OAC is committed to ensuring equitable access for all Ontarians, with particular emphasis on the following priority groups: Artists of Colour, Deaf Artists and Artists with Disabilities, Francophone Artists, Indigenous Artists, New Generation Artists (18-30 year olds), and Artists Living In Regions Outside Toronto. Artists and arts professionals from priority groups can apply to any of OAC’s programs in addition to designated funding programs. 

Peer assessment is an important principle and practice for OAC. We strive to ensure that our assessment panels represent the range of applications received for a funding program and reflect the diversity of the province. The OAC invites artists and arts professionals in Ontario to submit their information for consideration as peer assessors. We instruct all assessors to adhere to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Ontario Human Rights Code when considering access, opportunity and impact in funding applications. 

If you have questions or feedback to share about access and equity at OAC, please use our public feedback form