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Ontario Arts Council
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Final Report Forms

All final reports are completed and submitted in Nova, OAC’s online granting system. This now includes grants received through a paper application process. For instructions on how to log into Nova, see the Nova User Guide. You will find the report form in your Nova profile, under Action Items. For enquiries regarding reporting requirements, contact us at finalreport@arts.on.ca.


Loree Lawrence

Toll-free in Ontario: ​​​​​​​1-800-387-0058 ext. 7425

Myron Kozak

Cross-Sectoral Associate Officer
416-961-1660 ext. 7113
Toll-free in Ontario: ​​​​​​1-800-387-0058 ext. 7113

Candice Jacko

Program Administrator
Toll-free in Ontario: ​​​​1-800-387-0058 ext. 5075

Multi and Inter-Arts

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) supports a range of artistic activity that falls outside of existing artistic disciplines at OAC including inter-arts explorations, unique collaborations across art forms and multi and inter-arts festivals, events and series.

OAC provides funding to artists, groups and organizations to create, produce, present and program work that incorporates or includes multiple art forms. Support is also available for initiatives that are designed to benefit the larger professional multi and inter-arts community.

Grant Programs

Multi and Inter-Arts Organizations: Operating Toggle Expand
What We Fund
The program supports the ongoing operations of not-for-profit professional multi- and inter-arts organizations in Ontario.
Multi and Inter-Arts Projects Toggle Expand
What We Fund
The program supports the creation, production and presentation of multi- and inter-arts work by professional Ontario artists, ad hoc groups/collectives and organizations working in all art forms and initiatives that benefit the professional multi- and inter-arts community.