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Shoshana Wasser

Associate Director of Public Affairs and Communications
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Update on Reset. Renew. Revitalize.

May 11, 2023

Over the course of the 2023-24 fiscal year, we will provide periodic updates on the implementation of the directions outlined in OAC's new strategic plan, Reset. Renew. Revitalize.

Further develop our funding approach to build strength and relevance

The OAC is implementing a new funding framework for 2023-24 operating grant programs. Returning organizations in the operating stream will see their base grant levels maintained, increased or decreased, based on their most recent peer assessment and their alignment with outcome-based funding priorities identified in this first direction of OAC’s strategic plan. These are focused on benefits to equity, to the economy, to quality of life for Ontarians and to the careers of artists and arts workers in Ontario. 

Further, OAC is continuing its commitment to long-term Indigenous arts infrastructure by, at minimum, maintaining all 2022-23 increases to Indigenous arts organizations’ operating support in 2023-24.

The OAC continues to encourage renewal in the sector by keeping all operating programs open to new applicants in year one of a multi-year cycle, as long as they meet the priorities outlined above. 

Project programs will be funded at similar levels to 2022-23. As was the case last year, OAC will use a dynamic method of distributing funds to deadlines showing increased number of applicants and greater alignment with strategic plan goals.
Illustration of OAC Strategic Plan

Amplify the impact, benefits and value of the arts

To reinforce the importance of public funding of the arts through OAC, we are initiating new funding recognition requirements for both operating and project grant recipients. We will also ask grant recipients to use both the OAC logo and the Government of Ontario logo in their recognition. Full information about these new requirements will be shared later this spring.

Cultivate connections, collaborations and partnerships

The OAC has been working on several partnerships to benefit Ontario’s arts sector and we will be announcing more details on these in the coming weeks. They include a partnership to help organizations that are considering merging or becoming operational partners; a partnership to leverage the voice of the artist in broader public policy discourse; and a partnership to connect organizations with corporate sponsorship resources. We look forward to sharing more on current partnerships and how we are fostering partnership opportunities at OAC. 

The OAC looks forward to building and connecting with the province’s arts community and the Government of Ontario to reinforce the important benefits of the arts for Ontarians.