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Shoshana Wasser

Associate Director of Public Affairs and Communications
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Ontario Arts Council releases video celebrating 60 years of funding the arts for all Ontarians

February 27, 2024

Featured artists span across geographies, generations and disciplines

What do the arts in Ontario look like, sound like, feel like? We’ve aimed to provide an answer in just 60 seconds, with Arts for All Ontarians – a video that provides a whirlwind tour of what Ontario Arts Council (OAC) funding has helped make possible since our founding in 1963. Featuring grant recipients from across the province and the decades, the video is a highlight reel of how OAC’s investments have benefited Ontario’s communities, economy, quality of life and identity as a province. 
Help celebrate Ontario arts by sharing, liking and commenting on the video, which is pinned to the top of our social media feeds:
 Arts for All Ontarians
We are taking this moment to look back at the incredible achievements of Ontario artists and arts organizations. Ontario’s rich culture would not be what it is without the arts. As Ontarians, we can be proud of what the province has been able to support.”  

– Rita Davies, C.M., Chair, OAC board of directors 
The video includes artists that span across generations – from children’s entertainers Sharon, Lois and Bram to multi-award-winning rapper Haviah Mighty. Viewers will recognize scenes from the musical Come From Away, which received funding from OAC in its early stages in 2012 before becoming a Broadway hit. 

Beyond music and theatre, the video showcases dance, visual arts, media arts, literature, multidisciplinary arts, Indigenous arts and more – view the full list of artists and organizations featured in the video. The visuals are echoed in the uplifting soundtrack – "Just A Little Bit" by Julian Taylor in the English version of the video, and "Si jamais – Remix" by Stef Paquette in the French.  

We wanted the message of this video to be inspiring and encouraging – inspiring when we see the work that has been created and encouraging for the next generation of artists. We’re all part of the story of how the arts unfold.    

Commenting on the release of the video, OAC’s CEO Michael Murray said, “We are fortunate in Ontario to have such a vast diversity of cultures and talent. By directly supporting the artists and arts organizations striving to create and share their work, we foster tremendous benefits for Ontarians at large – economic opportunities, social connection, mental health and community well-being. Over the past six decades, the arts have helped Ontario to thrive. We can’t wait to see what the next 60 years look like.”  
Many thanks to everyone featured in our video for allowing us to share their work! We know that beyond these short clips, there are thousands of artists, collectives and arts organizations across the province who are making meaningful impacts in their communities - thank you too, for continuing to create, inspire, and bring people together.