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Questions – Community-Engaged Projects

Applications include questions related to the program assessment criteria. Many questions include writing tips specific to each program.
Remember, assessors only know what you tell them. You cannot assume that they will know your work, your community or your cultural context. In answering the questions, be sure to provide all the information they need to understand and assess your project.
See the Evaluation Rubric – Engaging Communities and Schools Projects for more information on how assessors rate applications.
These are the questions for this program.

Artistic Merit 

  • Tell us about your (or your group’s) overall artistic work, history and achievements. What is important to you in your work (cultural influences, your identity, geography, community, language, etc.) and why? If you identify with one or more of OAC’s priority groups, or if your ad hoc group/collective or organization is mandated to serve one or more of OAC’s priority groups, you may choose to refer to this here. [Maximum 300 words]
  • What are you planning to do, and what do you want to achieve with this project? [Maximum 425 words] 
  • Who is involved in designing, facilitating and supporting the project? The following information is required: 
    • Name(s) of the person/organization involved in your project
    • Sector (for example, arts, education, health, justice)
    • Their role in the project
    • Location of the person’s/organization’s place of residence/head office
    • Is the person(s) or organization(s) confirmed?


  • Tell us about the community participants, including their ages, gender(s), and their regional, cultural and social communities. [Maximum 300 words]
  • How will you reach the community participants and, if applicable, the intended public/audience members for public performances, exhibitions or presentations? [Maximum 250 words]
  • Does this project involve artists, organizations and/or audiences/participants from one or more of OAC's priority groups and their communities (Indigenous peoples, persons of colour, Francophones, people 18 - 30 years old (new generation), Deaf persons and persons with disabilities, and people and organizations located in regions across Ontario)? If yes, who, how and why? [Maximum 150 words]
  • What do you hope the immediate and ongoing benefits of the project will be for participants, communities, partners and artists? [Maximum 300 words]
  • Describe how the safety and well-being (physical, emotional, social, or other) of all involved in the project is addressed in your project plan. [Maximum 250 words]


  • Outline of your work plan for this project. The following information is required: 
    • Start date 
    • End date 
    • Project activity/task(s) 
    • Location 
    • Person(s) and/or organizations involved 
  • How will you raise money for this project? What will you do if you do not raise as much as you have planned? [Maximum 175 words] 
  • How did you determine and estimate expenses including artist fees? [Maximum 150 words]