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Social Effects of Culture - Detailed Statistical Models

July 1, 2008

Social Effects of Culture: Detailed Statistical Models , the 23rd report in the Statistical Insights on the Arts series from Hill Strategies Research, provides strong evidence of the social effects of culture through detailed statistical models of six social indicators:
  • Feeling trapped in a daily routine;
  • Volunteering;
  • Donating;
  • Doing a favour for a neighbour;
  • Sense of belonging to one’s province; and
  • Sense of belonging to Canada.
This report builds on a previous report in the Statistical Insights on the Arts series, which provided some exploratory findings regarding the social effects of culture. Taking the previous report as a starting point, the statistical models in this report examine whether cultural activities have an impact on social indicators above and beyond demographic information.

The current report shows that, in many cases, even adjusting for the effects of key demographic variables, Canadians who participate in cultural activities are more likely to be socially active than Canadians who do not take part in cultural activities.

Among the cultural activities, visits to public art galleries or historic sites each have a positive impact on five of the six social behaviours, while visits to conservation areas or parks and theatre attendance each have a positive impact on four social behaviours. Book reading, newspaper reading and attendance at a performance of cultural/heritage music, theatre or dance each have a positive impact on three of the social indicators.