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Canadian Music Centre John Adaskin Memorial List of Past Projects Award

Cumulative List of Projects

The award supports the Canadian Music Centre (CMC) to undertake projects that promote and develop Canadian music in schools in Canada.


The CMC developed an annotated guidebook and catalogue of the Canadian band music published and archival recordings available at the CMC music collection.


The CMC developed a database to standardized information of the CMC’s catalogue with the addition of pedagogical annotations, music samples and on-line ordering capabilities to facilitate music educators in conducting their own research for education materials to teach music in the schools.


The CMC developed a micro-site (a complementary database integrating the previous research and material of the JAP into the Centre’s existing database) in order to make more information available to a wider user group.


The CMC discontinued the JAP to carry out new projects to promote Canadian music repertoire in the education community. Projects included the publication of the “Adaskin Project Guides to Canadian Music” including an electronic format.

1979 – 2003

The CMC introduced the John Adaskin Project (JAP) in 1979. The JAP assisted various educational organizations to commission new works and provide guidance to composers to write for student performers.

The JAP published graded annotated guide lists of Canadian music for student performers and initiated projects connecting contemporary music and education to arouse the interest of progressive music educators in performing more contemporary (and Canadian) music.

The JAP supported the “Guide to Canadian Choral Music” undertaken by Professor Pat Shand at the University of Toronto.