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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Vida Peene Fund Laureates


Visual Arts

Canadian artwork acquired by the Art Gallery of Hamilton

Date acquired


Sophie Pemberton, Chrysanthemums, oil on canvas (c. 1901)


Alan Flint ­ selected prints from "Word Play"
Beast, pastel, oil stick (2001 to 2002)
Truth, pastel (2001 to 2002)
Faculty, pastel (2001 to 2002)
Logic, pastel, ink (2001 to 2002)
Myth, pastel, oil stick (2001 to 2002)
Suggest, pastel (2001 to 2002)


Katherine MacDonald, Seated Figure, oil on canvas (2005)


David Merritt, beautiful drawing (aug. 9, 1974, M. & D. & Children), graphite
on mylar (2003)


Annie Pootoogook, Playing Super Nintendo, Cape Dorset; pencil crayon, ink,
20 x 26" (2002/04)


Annie Pootoogook, Cutting Meat by the Pamper Box, pencil crayon and ink
drawing (2001 to 2002)


Paul-Émile Borduas, Matin de Printemps (La Rue Mentana), oil on canvas


Joyce Wieland, Two Figures (1955)


General Idea, Crème de la Crème de la Crème, acrylic on canvas (1984)


Robert Houle, Aboriginal Title, oil on canvas (1989 to 90)
Gary Spearin, Reverse Order, mixed media on canvas and masonite (1984)


Paterson Ewen, Red Sea, galvanized iron and acrylic on gouge plywood


Betty Goodwin, Figure with Megaphone, mixed media on paper (1988)


Lynn Donoghue, Joy Walker with Giotto, oil on canvas (1980)
Harold Klunder, Schoenberg 4, mixed media on paper (1980 to 81)
Dorothy Knowles, Grey Sky, acrylic on canvas (1981)
James Weston, Still Life of Game, watercolour (1872)

While every attempt has been made to include all laureates of the awards, it is inevitable that some names will have been inadvertently omitted. Anyone who knows individuals who should be included in a cumulative list of award laureates is asked to convey this information to the OAC Awards Officer so the name may be added to the list.