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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Logo and Acknowledgment – Grants Awarded Before before March 31, 2023

Acknowledging Ontario Arts Council funding helps OAC help you. It is crucial for the arts sector to promote the importance of public funding for the arts. If you received an OAC grant on or after April 1, 2023, you must follow the updated recognition requirements.

All grant recipients are required to display the OAC logo.

Logo usage

Use the OAC logo to acknowledge funding in the following ways:
  • in all print and digital advertising and promotional materials (posters, bulletins, flyers, advertisements, etc.);
  • in books, periodicals and other literature published with OAC support;
    • If the author’s work was supported by OAC but the publisher was not, please specify this by saying “the author wishes to thank the Ontario Arts Council for its support” or “creation of this work was funded in part by an Ontario Arts Council grant,” for example.
  • on CDs, DVDs and other packaging or materials;
  • in film and video credits;
  • in program guides for events or festivals;
  • at events, exhibitions or workshops;
  • on virtual platforms or streaming sites where OAC-funded projects are presented;
  • on websites.

Download the OAC logo

Click on the links below to download the OAC logo in various colours and formats.  

General logo guidelines

We encourage you to view the Logo Usage Guide for direction on how to use the OAC logo correctly.

The OAC’s visual identity consists of three elements that must always appear together: the bilingual agency name, tagline and graphic symbol.

The OAC logo must be used at a size that is legible, and relative to the context in which it is being used. It should be proportionate with logos of other funders providing a similar level of support.


Colours, resolution and size

  • Do not change the logo proportions or the colours in the full-colour version.
  • Select the version that works best for your background.
    • On a white background: full-colour (preferred) or black.
    • On a black background: white.
    • All other backgrounds: either black or white (whichever has better contrast on the background).
  • Do not use the logo as a background element or watermark.
  • For digital use:
    • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
    • Minimum size: 250 pixels wide
  • For printed materials:
    • Minimum resolution: 300 dpi
    • Minimum size: 1.9 inches or 5 cm wide
    • The logo must appear at least 0.5 inches or 1.27 cm from the edge of the page.
    • There are a few, very limited exceptions to this requirement, such as postcards, CDs and DVDs, which are physically too small to include the logo at the required size. In these instances only, the following sentence may be used instead of the logo: 
      • We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

 Additional ways to acknowledge OAC funding

  • Social media
    In your message, please tag OAC using these handles and #ArtsAddValue or #Lapportdelart.
    • fb_square_logo_72x72.png  @OntarioArts
    • twitter_square_logo_72x72.png  @ONArtsCouncil
    • instagram_square_logo_72x72.png  @OntarioArtsCouncil
  • Issue a news release
    Notify the media and other stakeholders about your grant and the support and benefits of OAC funding. 
  • Share with stakeholders
    If you have a mailing list, consider adding contacts such as:
    • OAC program officers
    • OAC board of directors (who can be reached via board@arts.on.ca)
    • Your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP)
      • To identify your MPP, go to the Ontario Legislative Assembly website and enter your address in the field under “Find my MPP,” and your riding information will appear. 
      • Consider tagging your MPP in social media posts about your OAC-funded activity as well!
  • Events
    • Invite your MPP, OAC board members and OAC program officers to attend. If you are hosting the event, consider offering them the opportunity to present remarks.
    • Verbally acknowledge OAC support in the same way that you acknowledge other public arts funders and private partners in speeches, public presentations, opening remarks, pre-performance introductions, etc. 
  • Awards
    If your work is nominated for or receives an award, acknowledge how support from OAC has assisted the development of your work.


If you have any questions about meeting the requirements for your grant or final report, please contact your program officer. 

If you have technical problems downloading the logos, please contact OAC and ask to speak with Communications: 416-961-1660 | 1-800-387-0058 | communications@arts.on.ca