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Ontario Arts Council (OAC)
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Terms and conditions – receipt of OAC operating grant funds

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions governing receipt of Ontario Arts Council (OAC) funds before submitting your application through OAC’s online application system (Nova).

If the organization is successful in receiving a grant, I understand that the following terms and conditions apply for the receipt of OAC Funds:

1. Purpose and use of the grant

  • OAC funds will be used only for the purposes outlined in this application and in the OAC grant notification.
  • Changes to the scale and scope of activities, including substantial changes in budget and programming, must be reported to OAC. If the changes are not accepted by OAC, repayment may be required and no further applications will be accepted from, nor any grant payments issued to, the organization until the grant is repaid.
  • Any grants awarded in one year are not to be considered a recurring funding commitment, as all grant requests in following years must be considered according to prevailing circumstances and available resources.
  • OAC operating grants cannot be spent on major capital expenditures, including buying, leasing or renovating buildings and purchase of major equipment.
  • The OAC reserves its right to reduce, rescind, or require full or partial repayment of a grant if it is of the view that the recipient has not complied with any of these Terms or Conditions, or if OAC becomes aware of any improper, irregular, or illegal activities by the grant recipient in the execution of the funded activity. The amount to be reduced or rescinded is entirely at OAC’s discretion.

2. Legislative requirements

  • I confirm that my organization abides by all applicable legislation, including but not limited to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, the Employment Standards Act, 2000 and the Human Rights Code, in its engagement of employees, contractors, workers and volunteers, and as a service provider to the public.
  • My organization has policies and procedures in place to ensure a work environment where all workers are treated with respect and dignity and where workplace sexual violence and harassment are not tolerated.
  • If requested at any time, I will provide OAC with my organization’s required policies, procedures and related documentation and affirm my organization’s compliance with these.
  • I confirm that my organization and all working on its behalf abide by all other laws and regulations applicable to its activities.
  • If charges or allegations of wrongdoing are made against my organization or its principals, I understand that it is my obligation to notify OAC in a timely manner.

3. Safe programming requirements

  • If my organization’s employees or volunteers are in direct, on-going, close contact with vulnerable persons, a safe programming policy is in place to guide a holistic screening process for those implicated. This screening process includes a vulnerable sector check.

4. Audit requirements

As a recipient of public funds, I understand that my organization is required to maintain accounting records of funds received from OAC detailing their receipt and disbursement. The organization may also be audited by the Auditor General of Ontario, or agent thereof, or the Government of Ontario to show that the money has been used for the purposes outlined in this application.
I understand that:
  • For grants over $50,000, my organization must provide an audited statement for the last completed fiscal year.
  • For grants over $25,000, my organization must provide a review engagement for the last completed fiscal year (or, if available, audited financial statement).
  • For grants of $25,000 and under, my organization must provide an unaudited financial statement for the last complete fiscal year.

5. Reporting requirements

I understand that:
  • Organizations that receive operating support must provide a report with the following year’s application or multi-year Year Two or Year Three request.
  • Reports must include an audited financial statement for the last completed fiscal year for grants over $50,000, a review engagement for the last completed fiscal year for grants over $25,000, or an unaudited financial statement for the last completed fiscal year for grants of $25,000 or under.
  • OAC grants must be broken out on the financial statement, either in the body or as a note to the statement.
  • Financial statements must be signed by two representatives of the board/governing body.
  • Organizations that choose not to reapply for operating funding must submit a report within six months of their fiscal year-end. If a report is not received when due, OAC may require repayment of the grant and will not accept any further applications from, or issue any grant payments to, the organization until the grant is repaid or an acceptable report submitted.

6. Recognition requirements


7. Compliance with Terms and Conditions

  • I understand that OAC may require information from me/my organization in order to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions. I understand that I am required to provide a prompt response to any questions and/or requests for documentation and/or information requested by OAC to demonstrate compliance with the above terms.
  • I understand that if I do not comply with OAC in relation to such inquiries, I may be ineligible to apply for further OAC funding until I submit a response to such a request, or I repay all or part of the grant. The amount of grant funds to be returned will be calculated by OAC.